Kraft paper bag

The standard kraft paper bag is made of kraft paper, which is a paper material made from wood pulp produced during the pulping process of kraft paper.

Brown kraft paper is not bleached, which means it is a triple threat-biodegradable, compostable and recyclable! No wonder they are an excellent substitute for plastic.



Paper bags are one of the lowest cost packaging products today. When we say they are triple threats, we may have premature ejaculation. The threat of affordability should be quadrupled!

environmentally friendly

Prohibit the use of disposable plastics such as bags, straws, bottles and containers to reduce plastic waste. Convert to kraft paper bags immediately to help you.

Reuse potential

Unlike disposable plastic bags, kraft paper bags can be used multiple times, which can not only reduce the amount of plastic but also expand the scope of brand influence.


Paper bags can be used for many different things! They are very suitable for a variety of products and businesses, have unlimited printing potential, and can provide any size.

Ability to contact food

The raw materials used in the manufacturing process of our bags are rigorously selected. Migration tests and food certificates are provided by our suppliers and our quality department.